Established 2020

Percy Mills Farm

485 Concession Rd 3  West

Warkworth Ontario

Naturally Raised Veggies and Meats

Free Range chickens

Happier and Healthier Birds

Experience the difference  more natural grazing makes to the flavour of our chickens. Thanks to the wider variety of foods the birds can forage for and being free to roam in the outdoors not only do they have the most enjoyable life possible but they are also more healthy.

Pasture Raised Pork

Free to roam Pigs

Pasture raised animals are higher in omega-3's, are higher protein and contain higher levels of micro-nutrients. Thanks to the varied nature of their field our pigs have a healthy range of foods to forage for plus supplemental grains give our pigs the most varied life possible. 

Organically grown vegetables

Pesticide, Herbicide and Fertilizer Free

We have chosen to compost our own soils and use our own woodchip and hay for mulch to give our vegetables the most natural and rich growing environment free from chemical additives. The benefit to flavour and nutrition make it very much worth the extra effort.

Contact us

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